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..hand forged knives for hunting, fishing and all outdoor activities
Ron Linhardt
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Welcome to Ron's Custom Knives and Blade Sharpening
My name is Ron Linhardt and I have a passion for all things to be in working and useable order including all types of custom knives and precision sharpening.
  There may be an item in your household, garage, kitchen, business and so on in need to be refurbished. Why throw it out or spend money to replace it, especially old items hard to find? I can bring the old and rusted back to life and in working order.
  Being that I am a master knife maker for the past 60 years, sharpening is a big part of what was then my hobby. I am a Barber and opened Arvada Square Barbers in 1963 and relinquished the shop in 2012. I still work there part time. The sharpening service and custom knife creations now have my full attention.The location is at the Barbershop as well as my home.
  Most of my knives are made of ATS-34 stainless steel tempered by Paul Bos heat treating - to 60-61 Rockwell hardness. I have used these knives on Elk, Deer, Mountain Goats, Antelope, Wild Boar, etc. The edge holding is great. One of the reasons I took up knife making was that the knives I used before always needed sharpening halfway through cleaning of the animal. No such thing with the ATS-34 blades.
  I get together with my brother Edward in Spirit Lake, Iowa to make the Damascus blades. He has the equipment and know-how to forge the steel together. I can then heat treat the blades in my own forge.
  The leather work I do myself. All hand stitched and treated with a hot wax and oil mix. The sheaths are very durable. The wood I use for handles is usually fancy grade stabilized burls, also some India Stag and Elk Antler.
  I invite you to visit the shop and browse my show case. These knives are a great addition to any sportsman's gear box.

I work with:

Hand made-custom knives

Hunting and Fishing Knives

Bowes and Arrows

Sports Equipment


Vintage Tools

Custom hand stitched leather

These are some of the knives you can expect to receive
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The base price for each custom knife is $180.00 and up, depending on the blade, labor and materials used.

Some of these knives are labor intensive and take a great deal of time.

The knives shown in the above slide show are on display at the shop and include the sheaths.
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Custom Knife Maker